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This is a website for all quilters!!! It designed to be a hub for the exchange of ideas and a place for new friends to be made. It is for those who love the hobby and the art of quiting. It is for those that realize that the love and effort that is put into each stitch is timeless. Please use this as a meeting ground for quilters around the world and a message board for the art.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


I would like to welcome you all to my site. I hope that you get as much joy from the art of quilting as I do. I thought this would be a great way for people around the world to talk and exchange ideas. I am having as much fun with the quilt I just started as the ones that I did years ago, and think most of you feel the same way. I would like this to be a site that is free to all ideas and I will not constantly give my opinion. I will quietly keep an eye on it since this is open to the world and anyone can post. If you see profanity or other inappropriate things simply email me and I will remove them. I hope that you will all have a great time, meet new quilters, and gain some new ideas. This is your forum and I welcome you.

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